(Thanksgiving) Evening in Japan

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving here has come and gone. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.

Thanksgiving being my favorite of American national holidays, I would have liked to find somewhere to have Thanksgiving dinner tonight, but emails went unanswered, so I made pancakes and watched Simpsons DVDs while waiting for Kamakura Cable to set up my internet and cable television. For “Thanksgiving” dinner I made vegetable udon, salmon, and rice. At least I had the day off, it being Japan’s Labor Thanksgiving Day.

The nicest thing about being in my own apartment — apart from living in Kamakura, which is truly amazing — is cooking for myself again after a long hiatus. There’s something therapeutic about coming home at the end of a long day and making a meal with your own hands.

In any case, believe it or not, having had the cable installed I’m all set up now. Posting will now be on a more regular schedule.

2 thoughts on “(Thanksgiving) Evening in Japan

  1. Anonymous

    All is not lost, there is hope for the future, albeit maybe in the form of a steak or bowl of chili, vice turkey.Enjoy the \”Chon\” life in Kamakura!From a Cornhusker in Yokosuka.


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