Independence Day

Independence Day

I just wanted to send of a quick e-mail for the Fourth, as mine draws to a close and yours begin. Mine was woefully lacking in barbecued meat products, namely hot dogs, and fireworks. And, of course, I miss the company of you all, who I have celebrated the holiday with at one point or another. It doesn’t quite feel like a holiday if no one around you celebrates it.

I spent the day in Yokohama, Tokyo’s appendage — the two cities combined are one of the world’s largest conurbations. As you probably expected, I went to a baseball game, my second of the weekend (the other was in the west suburbs of Tokyo on Friday night), and the tenth stadium I have visited. I only have two left to see, in Hiroshima and Sapporo, which I plan to travel to in early August. Thankfully Yokohama Stadium was outdoors, as it was sunny and in the nineties all day. It felt a lot like Shea Stadium, including orange and blue colors.

Last Wednesday my program visited a Japanese elementary school, which confirmed that children the world over have excessive stores of energy and are more than eager to release that energy in the presence of new people. I observed a gym class, where I was made to look foolish due to my lack of fine motor skills. Who knew spinning a top could be so hard!?!?

I will leave you with that anecdote, although I want to add a follow-up to something noted in my last e-mail. This coming Thursday I have an interview scheduled with former Mets and current Chiba Lotte Marines manager Bobby Valentine. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

Finally, I added a few pictures from this weekend to my photo page. Check it out.

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