The cuts continue

No, not Japan’s budget cuts, because, according to this article in the IHT, the government’s draft budget shows that next year’s budget will increase slightly.

Rather, I’m referring to this other article in the IHT, which reports that Japan’s defense budget will continue to carry the burden of budget cuts. Makes you wonder why people are so alarmed about Japanese remilitarization, doesn’t it?

How is a country with a shrinking defense budget — and, within the defense budget, more spending on missile defense and expenditures related to the relocation of US forces from Okinawa to Guam — supposed to become a major power in the region in terms of power projection? Under Koizumi, and now under Abe, Japan’s defense establishment has been forced to accept budget cuts despite being asked to do more than ever before.

What reason does anyone have to think that this will change anytime soon, as Japan continues to age, with all the expenditures that an aging society entails?

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