Not a thing to say?

Following yesterday’s sharp discrepancies between Asahi and Yomiuri in coverage of alleged GSDF spying on Japanese anti-war activists, it is interesting to see how both have stuck (or not) with this story.

In Asahi, there were two brief articles, one regarding JCP Chairman Shii Kazuo’s response to Defense Minister Kyuma’s reaction to the report, the other regarding questioning of Kyuma in the Upper House’s committee on foreign and defense policy.

In Yomiuri, there was no discussion of this issue whatsoever.

So a day later, and I am still unclear exactly what is going on, and why the opposition parties have been relatively quiet on this issue thus far. On the one hand, the tame political response leads me to think that Asahi was overreacting, fishing for another scandal to use against the government. On the other hand, is the opposition waiting for Prime Minister Abe to return from Germany before going on the offensive?

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