To my readers

I want to take this opportunity to inform you that as of the end of July and the Upper House elections I will become a former aide to a member of the Japanese Diet.

What will I be doing next, you ask?

From August on, I am going to try my hand at life as an independent researcher, analyst, and writer here in Tokyo.

My posting will be unaffected; if anything, you will be hearing from me more often.

In light of this, I want to inform you all that I will be looking for projects. If any of you are in need of someone to conduct research, analyze political developments in Japan, or translate documents, please contact me at I will be happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

For those of you in the US, I will be in Chicago and New York in early August in case you want to meet in person or speak over the phone.

2 thoughts on “To my readers

  1. Wow ! What a shock! I\’m sorry to hear the news but glad you will continue posting. It was a real \’thrill\’ to read your thoughts and insights.The Japanese parliament still appears an archly dull part-player in a compelling global narrative.I hope you will be able to spread your wings more freely, for a while at least.Trust yourself; your blog demands it.Simon, London


  2. Good luck in the freelancing world. What sort of translation experience do you have? My company has some work to give out, sometimes along politics/economy lines.


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