North Korea to be removed from terror list?

The BBC is reporting that North Korea has announced that in exchange for its accounting for all of its nuclear activities and disabling its nuclear facilities, the US will remove North Korea from the list of terror-supporting nations and lift related sanctions.

Given that the story originated with the DPRK foreign ministry — and that no other media outlet has reported this quid-pro-quo — there may be nothing to it (other than to elevate the tension between the US and Japan), but if there is, the time for Japan and the US to choose between progress on denuclearization and standing fast on the abductions issue is approaching more rapidly than anyone surmised.

And if there’s nothing to it? Well, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the BBC is doing Pyongyang’s dirty work.

UPDATE: Mainichi has also reported on North Korea’s announcement, but is unable to attest to the veracity of the claim that the US has conceded on the “terror list” issue — although it does note that Mr. Hill spoke of lifting the restrictions on North Korea as “a good foundation” for moving forward in the talks.

Asahi and Le Monde have picked up the story as well.

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