Observing Japan turns one

Today (October 15th) marks the first blogiversary for Observing Japan.

Many thanks go to you, my readers, for your comments, emails, and visits. I must also thank my fellow Japan politics bloggers, especially Jun Okumura and MTC, who have been prolific and insightful interlocutors commentators and even better mentors and friends.

Over the coming year, there may be some changes around here — I’ve been searching for guest bloggers, for example — but I will continue to comment on Japanese politics as long as I have something to say.

5 thoughts on “Observing Japan turns one

  1. Princess

    Padawan,Congratulations! Gong xi, Gong xi.However, please stop using silly words like interlocutor. It has too long been used improperly by too many pompous asses in Washington.


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