Will a reprimand placate the DPJ?

Yamaoka Kenji and Ooshima Tadamori, the DPJ and LDP Diet strategy chairman respectively, met on Tuesday to discuss Nakatani Gen’s absurd smear of opponents of the refueling mission as “terrorists.”

Mr. Yamaoka reportedly demanded that Mr. Nakatani be removed from his post as director of the House of Representatives special anti-terrorism committee.

Mr. Ooshima’s response was, I imagine, probably unsatisfactory. He reminded Mr. Nakatani of the need to cooperate with the DPJ, and so he should “mind his words and actions.” In the Upper House Budget Committee, Prime Minister Fukuda reinforced, for good measure, his government’s flexibility when it comes to cooperation with the DPJ, especially when it comes to Japan’s activities in and around Afghanistan. “A constructive way of debating is important,” he said.

I suspect that a mild warning to Mr. Nakatani will not be enough to satisfy the DPJ, and it may be any day now before, say, Mr. Ozawa says something incendiary in response.

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