Carl Schmitt on the US-Japan alliance

Well, not exactly, but I found this passage in “The Concept of The Political” interesting in light of Japan’s schizophrenic relationship with the US.

…It would be a mistake to believe that a nation could eliminate the distinction of friend and enemy by declaring its friendship for the entire world or by voluntarily disarming itself. The world will not thereby become depoliticalized, and it will not be transplanted into a condition of pure morality, pure justice, or pure economics. If a people is afraid of the trials and risks implied by existing in the sphere of politics, then another people will appear which will assume these trials by protecting it against foreign enemies and thereby taking over political rule. The protector then decides who the enemy is by virtue of the eternal relation of protection and obedience.


2 thoughts on “Carl Schmitt on the US-Japan alliance

  1. Pretty prescient for the old Nazi.Schmitt is a rising star in the security studies field. His works appear more relevant than ever in the age of the \’War on Terror\’. Thanks for this.


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