Is administrative reform a wedge issue for the DPJ?

Mainichi has an editorial about the government’s administrative reform proposals — discussed in this post.

Most of the editorial simply summarizes the contents of the proposals, but includes a paragraph about opposition within the LDP to the proposals.

“Wholly negative opinions — ‘Not realistic’ — can be heard from within the LDP regarding the restrictions on direct contact between politicians and bureaucrats, a reform that involves politicians.”

Mainichi wants Mr. Fukuda to take up this issue with greater ardor, despite opposition from within the LDP and the bureaucracy. But does Mainichi really expect that to happen? Administrative reform is a great wedge issue for the DPJ. It exposes the government’s weak reform credentials, and if the government actually tries to move forward with the Okamura group’s plans, it will immediately trigger a fight within the LDP between embattled reformers and the bureaucracy’s zoku giin allies.

So why hasn’t the DPJ jumped on administrative reform?

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