"Unsustainable Inequities"

After nearly six months of work, during which it has passed from the hands of one leading US foreign policy periodical to another, an article questioning the fundamentals of the US-Japan alliance that I have co-authored with Douglas Turner has finally seen the light of day.

It is available online here at Policy Innovations, a publication of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

One thought on “"Unsustainable Inequities"

  1. Tobias, I am glad that Policy Innovations was able to publish this important piece. It is quite a tour d\’horizon of the U.S.-Japan relationship. Overall, I am more sympathetic with Nye\’s view that the United States and Japan share interests and a similar understanding of threat. Moreover, there are few other options to advance American strategy (as you mention in your piece). The United States and Japan are stuck with one another whether they like it or not. As Robert Dujarric says, it isn\’t a love affair.In any case, your piece is obviously the result of a lot of work and an incredibly broad knowledge of the possible risks surrounding the alliance. They should not be ignored.


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