Web developments

The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s largest daily by circulation, is finally entering the twenty-first century.

Earlier this month it revamped its website, introducing an RSS feed and other web tools. It also created a clipping service, for which users must register.

Meanwhile Japan’s other political parties have followed the LDP and created YouTube channels of their own (DPJ; JCP; NKP; PNP; SDPJ; NPJ — links also available at YouTube’s Japanese politics portal). Koike Yuriko has her own channel too.

Like the LDP channel — which at the moment features an odd video of Abe Shinzo promoting a Diet tour led by Mr. Abe himself — none of these channels is particularly interesting: lots of videos of people sitting in front of microphones. Nevertheless they should provide the occasional laugh.

Speaking of laughs, allow me to close with this video, featuring silly pictures of everyone’s favorites, the “dangerous” ANA (Abe-Nakagawa-Aso) politicians.


One thought on “Web developments

  1. I don\’t think these are all that boring. Maybe the LDP is, but what could you expect from them?The DPJ channel is a new one to me. BUT, they did always have Minshu-kun!http://jp.youtube.com/user/sho0624And the JCP always posts videos of them arguing with people in the diet, which I find amazingly entertaining, even though most of their stuff is just too long to watch, they have some great stuff.I often try to comment on those that allow it, but since any that accept comments are going to have to screen 90% of them out, it seems like a little bit of a liability for them.Fukuda-sori I still want to have your babies!


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