Observing Japan turns two

I know that I’ve written far less frequently in recent weeks — as I expected when I started my graduate studies — but I thought I should mention that today marks the second anniversary since I began writing Observing Japan.

It’s been quite a year: one prime minister out, another in; divided government; an interrupted reshuffling mission; vacant BOJ presidency; and plenty that I’m forgetting.

I cannot even begin to describe what I’ve gotten from blogging, so all I will do is thank all of you for your readership, your emails, and your comments. Thanks for bearing with me even as my posts have become less frequent.

4 thoughts on “Observing Japan turns two

  1. Andrew Oplas

    Thanks and congratulations for keeping up with this rare gift, a site that is very close to an inside scoop on Japanese policy and politics!I suspect more people will begin to pay attention.


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