Is she or isn’t she?

Despite reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be going to Asia on her first foreign trip, none seem to have the State Department’s confirmation that she will in fact be going to Japan, South Korea, and China in the coming weeks.

CNN cites “diplomats familiar with the planning.”

The LA Times cites “a foreign diplomat knowledgeable about plans for the trip.”

Sankei is even more vague, saying that “it is understood” that Secretary Clinton will be in Tokyo on Feb. 16th, where she will meet with Prime Minister Aso, Foreign Minister Nakasone, and Defense Minister Hamada. The agenda, Sankei says, will include talk of the economic crisis, Afghanistan and Iraq, the realignment of US forces, and, of course, North Korea.

There’s a hole in your department, dear Hillary, dear Hillary…

Nevertheless, while I am still concerned about the new administration’s pampering Japan, I suppose it is encouraging that the Obama administration recognizes that it has work to do in Asia.

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