2009 general election open thread #2

The general election campaign begins officially on Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s a somewhat stylized picture I took outside Fussa station in Tokyo’s twenty-fifth district.

Nagashima Akihisa, the DPJ’s candidate in Tokyo’s twenty-first district, gives a speech on behalf of Masago Taro, the PNP candidate in the twenty-fifth district.

Post your notes and observations from the campaign around Japan in the comments.

5 thoughts on “2009 general election open thread #2

  1. Armchair Asia

    Aki is a favorite among Alliance Managers. He speaks good English and worked for Mike Green. He is Team Armitage all the way.It should be noted that he is a member of the Parliamentary group that believes the Nanjing Massacre was a fabrication and he is a fellow traveler with many Japanese rightists and is often found at their events.


  2. Sorry I missed you on Sunday. I had important \”business\” at the office. Actually, they requested that girls go out to the station and I forgot to bring my high heels and skirt…


  3. PaxAmericana

    If he's Team Armitage, then we can draw some conclusions. As for me, I'll make sure to bring lots of garlic and other traditional prophylactics used in Transylvania if I expect him to appear.


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