Election day open thread

I will be checking in periodically over the course of today — in between TV appearances. I should also be live-blogging the results this evening. I’ll be watching the returns and blogging from Reuters’s offices in Tokyo before commenting on the results for Reuters TV. (I would also recommend checking out the Trans-Pacific Radio webcast of the results.)

Meanwhile, please post your stories of things seen and heard on election day in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Election day open thread

  1. Joe

    On FNN, the election coverage segment began with the theme from the Terminator movies, and showed the Diet Building in front of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Beautiful.


  2. catoneinutica

    I criticized you earlier, Tobias, for being prolix, and for saying essentially that those who were skeptical that jiminto would be swept from power – a paradigm-shift of an event – were uninformed. That struck me of a display of hubris. Nonetheless, the rapidly decaying economic situation here will likely see you vindicated, and yours has certainly been the go-to blog for election info, for which many thanks are due you.I certainly hope the DPJ wins those 320 seats today, if not more, though after seeing Obama continue most of the Bush Administration's worst policies, I'm hesitant to be too optimistic about how much change/reform the DPJ will be able to, or want to, effect.


  3. smartbeyoncefan

    Does anyone know where a foreigner like me can watch election coverage when the time comes, on the internet? Any live feeds for like the US Presidential election?


  4. catoneinutica

    On the most superficial of notes:1) Why didn't the DPJ make Kan their frontman? He's certainly both the most likable and telegenic of the bunch.2) Having gone with Hatoyama, why doesn't the DPJ insist that he grow his sideburns at least a centimeter or two. One reason that hairstyle of his looks so odd is because it seems to be perched on his head like a wig, with no kind of natural-hair transition. Yukio: it's not 1981 anymore; the no-sideburn look has gone the way of, I dunno, The Tubes.


  5. Pre-voting (期日前投票) 1.5 times up! I assume these include overseas votes? I know the Japanese embassy here restricted voting until one week or so before. Has there been some changes to voting procedures to allow early voting similar to the US last year?Anyway, still very ominous.


  6. No surprise, I am sure, but in Denenchofu there were people standing in line to vote, but by evening that line had gone. It's very unusual for there to be any lines at all at that voting station (the school).


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