A cleaner, leaner Observing Japan

::Sweeps away dust and cobwebs::

*cough cough*

Is anybody here?

I’ve been away so long that Google completely redesigned Blogger’s dashboard, so that it took me a little while to figure out how to use it. Anyway, as you can see, I’ve cleaned up the blog, switched to a more minimalistic template, and removed dead links and obnoxious buttons and ads.

As for content, I’m still deciding what exactly I’m going to do with Observing Japan henceforth. It may be a little strange to revive the blog when wags are declaring that the age of the blog is over, but then, I’ve always had anachronistic tendencies. I don’t think I’ll match (or even try to match) the prolixity of years past. At the very least, I’ll provide links to what I say and write elsewhere. Stay tuned for more soon.

7 thoughts on “A cleaner, leaner Observing Japan

  1. In general, when the in crowd declared \”X is dead\”, it simply means that X is now mainstream, normal and no longer the hip new thing. Email is apparently also dead according to them, though my inboxes would beg to differ.Welcome back!


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