Heritage Foundation, 16 September

On 16 September, the day that Suga Yoshihide was officially chosen by the Diet as Japan’s ninety-ninth prime minister, I joined the Brookings Institution’s Mireya Solis and the RAND Corporation’s Jeffrey Hornung, moderated by Heritage’s Bruce Klingner, for a conversation about what to expect from the Suga administration.

This event really was a conversation among friends. Jeffrey and I were colleagues at SPFUSA for several years, have collaborated on articles, and regularly share tips on parenting boys as we each have two energetic young sons. Mireya was the first professor from whom I learned international relations; I took her intro to IR class as a freshman at Brandeis in 2002, and then her seminar on international political economy as a sophomore. She left Brandeis thereafter, but we have reconnected since I arrived in DC, having been on panels together previously. She also graciously provided a blurb for The Iconoclast.

More about the panel – including a link to a podcast version – is available here.

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