Upcoming events

The torrid pace of events that followed Abe’s resignation and Suga’s elevation has slowed this month, but I’ve still been busier than usual (I’ve gotten behind posting links to webinars and podcasts, which I hope to rectify soon). You may have noticed that I’ve launched two political data projects at this site, one that analyzes the prime minister’s schedule and one that aggregates the cabinet’s approval ratings.

That said, I do have several events coming up that may be of interest. On Monday, 26 October, I will discuss The Iconoclast from 12-1pm EDT at Harvard University’s US-Japan Program with Sonoda Koji of the Asahi Shimbun and Harvard’s Christina Davis. Registration available here. I was a regular attendee at USJP programs as a graduate student and I’m always grateful for opportunities to return (even virtually).

On Tuesday, 27 October, I will discuss The Iconoclast with Ulrike Schaede as part of her Japan Zoominar series at the University of California-San Diego at 4:30pm PT. Registration here. Professor Schaede is a leading expert on how Japanese businesses have adapted to global competition – she has published a book this year as well – and I am looking forward to our conversation.

Further down the road, I will be speaking at the Japan-America Society of Chicago, where I interned in college, on 10 November from 6-7pm CST. On 12 November, I will be on a panel with USC’s Saori Katada (author of Japan’s New Regional Reality) and the Hoover Institution’s Michael Auslin (author of Asia’s New Geopolitics) at Cambridge’s Centre for Geopolitics, moderated by Cambridge’s John Swenson Wright. That panel will be from 5-6pm GMT. Registration here.

As far as podcasts go, I recently recorded an interview for the New Books Network that should be released imminently and will be recording an episode of the Departures podcast tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events.

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