What does beautiful country mean anyway?

Writing about the LDP’s keys to victory on Monday, I suggested that LDP candidates might benefit from Prime Minister Abe’s leaving the campaign trail to go to Niigata, and that in any case one might expect to see candidates try to distance themselves from the prime minister and his deeply unpopular cabinet (and that the longer the tenure, the easier time they’ll have of that).

Now, Mainichi reports, Tamura Kohei, the two-term LDP representative up for reelection in Kochi Prefecture, who I predicted could be at risk of defeat, has stated publicly that he “does not really understand the meaning of ‘beautiful country.'”

Expect more of this. And expect that if the government scrapes by with a majority in the Upper House, Abe and company will be taking credit for a victory that will be earned on the basis of LDP candidates effectively deserting the party president. Makes one wonder exactly what kind of mandate that would be.

One thought on “What does beautiful country mean anyway?

  1. Observer – Along the same lines, if not on the same track is Aera\’s catty claim that the television networks have been forced to think about turning down offers of live, in-the-studio-sessions with the Prime Minister. According to reports, Abe is ratings kryptonite. Minute-by-minute viewer data for live Abe appearances show steep, steady declines in viewership for the entire legnth of time Abe is speaking.Ouch.


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